OpenID Connect for Oracle HTTP Server

Over the past years ZmartZone enabled a number of customers to migrate their Single Sign On (SSO) implementation from proprietary Oracle HTTP Server components to standards-based OpenID Connect SSO. Some observations about that:

  • Oracle Webgate and mod_osso are SSO plugins (aka. agents) for the Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) that implement a proprietary (Oracle) SSO/authentication protocol that provides authentication (only) against Oracle Access Manager
  • the said components are closed source implementations owned by Oracle
  • these components leverage a single domain-wide SSO cookie which has known security drawbacks, especially in todays distributed and delegated (cloud and hybrid) application landscape, see here
  • ZmartZone supports builds of mod_auth_openidc that can be used as plugins in to Oracle HTTP Server (11 and 12), thus implementing standards based OpenID Connect for OHS with an open source component
  • those builds are a drop in replacement into OHS that can even be used to set the same headers as mod_osso/Webgate does/did
  • mod_auth_openidc can be used to authenticate to Oracle Access Manager but also to (both commercial and free) alternative Identity Providers such as PingFederate, Okta, Keycloak etc.
  • when required Oracle HTTP Server can be replaced with stock Apache HTTPd
  • the Oracle HTTP Server builds of mod_auth_openidc come as part of a light-weight commercial support agreement on top of the open source community support channel

In summary: modern OpenID Connect-based SSO for Oracle HTTP Server can be implemented with open source mod_auth_openidc following a fast, easy and lightweight migration plan.

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